I am a Professional Coach and Enneagram Trainer based in Rome, Italy. I work internationally by Skype or phone and in person. This is what I offer:

Leadership & Management Coaching
Leadership and management are challenging. As a leader and manager you may find that you don’t fully understand how to best fulfil your role; have a sense that something is lacking in what you bring to it or are conscious that on a daily basis you feel as though you are struggling or pushing against invisible or immovable barriers. Do you have the tools and skills to be a good leader and manager? Where do you find these, and how do you know which ones will work best for you?

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Transition Coaching
Transition coaching is for you if your life has changed in some way and you are finding yourself struggling, or experiencing a sense of loss or feeling out of tune with your world. Life changes can be extremely challenging. As a result you can lose your way and also your sense of where you want to go to.

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Enneagram Personality Typing System
I am a Certified Enneagram Trainer and I use this powerful personality typing system as a resource  in my coaching practice. I also offer Enneagram Training to raise self awareness and understanding of others.

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Workshop in Rome: 13-14 October 2018
Our Fifties can be our most dynamic decade yet. We’ve gained wisdom, shown resilience and sensitivity and have so much to offer the world!  
Join Claire Angeletti and I for a two-day workshop which offers the unique opportunity to come together to create a personal vision and action plan to make the most of this time.

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