Leadership & Management Coaching: Testimonials

Moira’s astute and incisive coaching has helped me to deal with some management situations that seemed insurmountable beforehand. I was helped to understand why a troublesome staff member who constantly seemed to be undermining me was acting this way because of their own world view and anxieties. This allowed me to relate by identifying and calming their anxieties and developing a constructive collaboration. In another case, Moira helped me to deal with a confrontational staff member by getting them to acknowledge that their perspective differs from other team members’ – ultimately they agreed to participate in training on building effective working relationships which improved the situation no end. Moira’s experience and perspective is also helpful in understanding how organizations function or dis-function (as is so often the case) and how to navigate an apparent constant state of change. It all seems so easy when it comes from someone as experienced and wise as Moira who seems to be able to find a smooth channel in any turbulent sea.
David, Manager, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome, Italy

Working in any big organisation poses many challenges and, unfortunately, the opportunity to stop and reflect is not always an easy one.  Having heard my coach speak to a small group of colleagues about leadership and coaching, I was interested in what this could offer me, especially as someone who had been entrusted with a new, more senior role.

I wasn’t sure initially what to expect from coaching although I had hoped to get some insight into myself and my methods of working; I thought it would be very useful to speak to someone outside of my work-place to give me another perspective on my leadership situation and my professional development.

My experience of coaching has been wholly positive and the sessions went beyond what I had expected.  Moira approached the sessions with warmth, good humour, an instinctive ability to put me at ease, consistency, experience of life and a practical sense of insight into the workings of a big organisation with its political, practical and social ramifications. I had and have absolute trust in Moira’s professionalism and experience; she inspires that confidence with ease and genuine good will.

I regularly noted the value of simply talking things through and creating an opportunity for guided reflection and another perspective on matters. Learning and practising relaxation techniques proved invaluable and I am still using the tips that Moira practised with me.

With Moira’s help, I was able to consider a fresh perspective on different situations at work and was able to look at them with greater objectivity and develop a more balanced approach to the challenges.

Working in any big organisation poses many challenges but, fortunately, coaching offers a wonderful opportunity to stop, reflect and move forwards.  Moira’s coaching is something that I highly recommend.
Lisa, Teacher Manager, International School, Rome, Italy

I came to coaching seeking firstly, support in figuring out next steps in my career, and secondly, support in managing colleagues and staff. Moira has supported me very well in both areas.

I appreciated the Enneagram personality types and using it to help understand dynamics with colleagues in my work situation. Moira’s strengths are in valuing my wins and strong points and helping me to repackage my view of my last 25 years of work experience. This has been a radical revisit of how I see myself in my profession. She provided good ideas or helped me to come up with good ideas on how to handle stressful work relations in my group. This has provided a lot of relief.

Highlights have been learning how to deal with a difficult direct report. Putting together my CV and ‘story’ of my past work experience in a powerful way and learning to stay calm in a difficult moment of radical change in my organization.
Anne, Manager, United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation, Rome, Italy

I found working with Moira a tremendously rewarding and stimulating experience, the results of which I have been able to effectively apply to my working life. After completing the sessions I felt a real sense of confidence and that the barriers I had within myself that prevented me from doing my job effectively had been removed. Moira gave me concrete examples of how to overcome work related issues always using, and building on my own experiences. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Andy, Teacher Manager, International School, Rome, Italy

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