Transition Coaching: Testimonials

I highly recommend Moira as a life coach! I had the pleasure of being one of Moira’s clients and was inspired by her skill and confidence in coaching. Moira uses her lived experience, professional background, and intuition to support clients, and she is a delight to work with in this capacity. I have had several experiences with life coaches, and Moira is absolutely one of the best. If you have the opportunity to experience life coaching with Moira, you will find a trustworthy confidante, a wise guide, and an extremely kind coach. I am so thankful for my experience with Moira, and if you have the chance to work with her – do it! She is extraordinary.
Solveig, International Life Coach and Instructor of Communication, Alaska, USA

As a coach myself, I completely trust the coaching process and know how powerful and effective it can be, however the magic really unlocks when you have someone amazing like Moira creating that safe space for you. Moira combines intelligence, warmth, intuition, confidence, and professionalism beautifully and delivers it to her clients through her work. I highly recommend Moira as coach.
Anoushka, Managing Partner- Leadership Coach, Sydney, Australia

Working with Moira has been so enlightening for me that now the mere mention of her name seems to make me refocus my thoughts whenever I need to. I was at the doorstep of a major transition in my life, both professionally and personally, with a mountain of aspects to deal with. It is so easy to sabotage what could turn out to be brilliantly successful and I was fully aware that the way I would address these challenges would be crucial to their outcome. I started our sessions with an overwhelming mountain of ‘cards’ that she helped me lay on the table, revalue and reassess objectively so I could realise I had a winning hand. To be successful it is vital to surround oneself with the right people and I would highly recommend Moira to any woman in transition. The cherry on the cake is her wonderfully soothing voice that acts just like a beautiful gift wrapping paper around every session…
Elisabeth Picard, Business Owner, Rome, Italy

I came to Moira to move forward in the areas that I need self-development in. My expectations were met and I found full support and have changed in all areas that I needed. Moira’s strengths were in listening and giving me time to express myself. As well as getting the solutions from inside. Highlights of Moira’s coaching were: the Enneagram types, meditation, action plans and acknowledgments. I would like to acknowledge Moira as a unique coach who helped me a lot on both levels personally and professionally.
Adiba, International School Manager, Cairo, Egypt

I came to coaching expecting help with seeing my way through a tangled situation to effect some change in my life.  Perhaps I also hoped for a magic fix, an expectation born of my wish for something easy and immediate, never promised or intimated by the coach.

Moira was extremely supportive in all aspects of the sessions. She helped me accept that the lack of answers I was feeling was part of a process that needed to be worked through.  The sessions also made me realize slowly how little concentration I was actually putting into some of the areas of my life that I wanted to change.  Thus the wish for a magic fix was born of some laziness while a great gift was realizing that real work needed to be done.

I felt that Moira was particularly perceptive about linking present situations to past events and shedding light on that, often pinpointing with great accuracy concealed hurts. I moments of great clarity about how I had got into this situation and why. Feeling supported helped me feel more confident and empowered which had an immediate positive effect.  Reminding me of my professional worth.

I  thank Moira for her help and support thus far.  And for her future help and support! I feel like I’m on the way and just need to push some more to get to the top of the hill!
Federica, Media Producer, Rome, Italy

Moira is one of the most kind, deeply aware people I know, and I have had the honour of being her client. Her thoughtfulness comes across as very natural, the insights that reveal the level of her presence in the moment weaving easily into the conversation. Her calmness in the face of the most emotional subjects really points to just how peaceful she is as a person. And powerful. I felt safe to be me, and to explore to my heart’s content. I highly recommend you take the chance to work with her, if you’re ever lucky enough for the opportunity to come your way.
Dawn, The Empathic Coach

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