Leadership & Management Coaching

Leadership and management are challenging. As a leader and manager you may find that you don’t fully understand how to best fulfil your role; have a sense that something is lacking in what you bring to it or are conscious that on a daily basis you feel as though you are struggling or pushing against invisible or immovable barriers. Do you have the tools and skills to be a good leader and manager? Where do you find these, and how do you know which ones will work best for you?

Professional coaching offers you the opportunity to lead and manage more confidently and effectively. As a leader and manager you need an expanded range of tools, skills, attitudes and behaviours. This is particularly so if you are in a rapidly changing work environment where uncertainty is rife  Leadership & management coaching offers you an individual management training course tailored and delivered to meet your needs.

Coaching allows you to:

Build skills experientially

  • By focusing and building on your existing strengths and skills you develop a leadership and management style which reflects who you are.
  • Assisting you to identify , learn and apply new skills and ways of working that feel right for you; and create strategies to develop them appropriately to the context of your work.
  • Access powerful reflective learning on your leadership and management experience.
  • Transform challenges into opportunities so that you find different ways to move forward, enhancing your capacity to lead and manage creatively and comfortably at work and beyond.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand  yourself  and how you interpret and respond to the world, thereby increasing your capacity to function comfortably as a leader and manager.
  • Develop your ability to self manage so that you are able to respond, rather than react, in your work environment.
  • Enhance your capacity to connect productively with everyone you work with.
  • Bring the best of yourself to work; balanced with bringing your best to your home life.
  • Recognise that stress is a signal to find different ways of doing things, rather than pushing harder with the things you already do; coaching offers an ideal space to identify and try out new ways of functioning.

Lead your team effectively

  • Identify and apply the leadership and management capacities that are needed to lead a team.
  • Understand the people in your team; what it is that motivates them, how they interpret the world and their differing leadership needs.
  • Appreciate the different contributions that team members make and facilitate their capacity to flourish in their roles.
  • Facilitate productive and respectful team working.

Understand your organisation

  • Organisations can be complex; understanding how you can navigate yours more easily will enhance your capacity to influence and negotiate.

Manage change

  • Understanding the factors that need to be addressed to bring about change successfully.
  • Organisations in the midst of change create particular challenges for leaders and managers. Leading and managing in an environment which is no longer familiar and predictable creates great uncertainty. Understanding what you can control, dealing effectively with perceived loss of control and developing resilience, all contribute to your capacity to stay flexible and creative within a changing environment.

I offer confidential and supportive coaching based on my learning, my experience as a senior manager, trainer and coach. I draw on an M.Sc. in Health Services Management; an M.A. in Consultancy in Organisations: A Psychodynamic Approach; and certified training in Professional Coaching; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and  the Enneagram Personality Typing System

I specialise in working with organisations without a profit motive and with a mission to enhance people’s lives. This includes: Non Governmental Organisations; health services; the United Nations; schools; relief agencies and charities.

I coach believing in the best of you and confident that you have the capacity to develop whatever is needed to fulfil your role with excellence. Contact me at moira@moiraspence.com for a complimentary Coaching Discovery Session to explore if I am the coach who will support you flourish as a leader and manager.

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